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Student & Trial Memberships

Student memberships are available to full-time students of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions as well as part-time students working toward a degree, who are not presently working in the communication profession.

International dues (which include Pittsburgh dues) for students are $46. Read more from IABC/International. Be sure to read the part about the half-price rate after graduation!

If you meet the qualifications for a student membership, fill out and submit the student membership application form.

If you’d like to start a student chapter at your college, please contact a board member.

Recent Graduates

Recent graduates can become a transitional member and stick with IABC. There are chapters around the world. Graduate students are also welcome.

  • Have you graduated within the last year from a degree program from an accredited institution?
  • Can you provide proof of your degree conferral (a diploma, transcript, or letter from the Registrar)?

If the answer is yes, you are eligible for the reduced student transition membership rate.

Transitional members receive all of the same benefits as professional members at around 60% of the cost. Learn more here.

Trial Membership

Get a taste of IABC/Pittsburgh with a trial membership for $25. Trial memberships include:

  • E-mail announcements of job openings through Placement Services newsletter
  • Professional advertisement (50 words or less) in Placement Services newsletter
  • Subscription to IABC/Pittsburgh Member Update monthly newsletter
  • Submission of resume for possible review by prospective employers
  • Registration at one IABC/Pittsburgh professional development event at regular member rate (does not include special workshops or Golden Triangle Awards)

Great offers don’t last forever, and this one is no exception! A trial membership lasts for a period of three months and cannot be renewed. IABC/Pittsburgh programming is limited during the summer months, so start your trial membership in August or January to maximize the benefits of your membership.

Contact IABC/Pittsburgh's Director of Job Placement to begin your trial membership today.

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